Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Big Bend Adobe Ruins -- and a Rabbit

Title: Big Bend Adobe Ruins
Medium: Acrylic on panel
Size: 6x6 inches
Genre: Landscape

Can't stop painting the Big Bend area, so I'm just going to continue. This is the Dorgan-Sublett trail, which is near the Santa Elena Canyon, and features 2 or 3 adobe ruins. The cliffs in the background are in Mexico, and in between runs the Rio Grande. The part where there is green grass in the way back is near the river bank.

Title: "Rabbit, Revered"
Medium: Acrylic on panel
Size: 7x5 inches
Genre: Fantasy, Magic Realism

Just a bit of fun with a bunny and an Ionic column. The bunny is really a ceramic figurine, and the column is one that I made out of clay, just for paintings such as this one. 

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