Thursday, April 12, 2012

Mermaid & Friends

"Mermaid & Friends" size: 5x7. Medium: acrylic on stretched canvas. Genre: fantasy. SOLD.

The story behind it: This is a further exploration of a mermaid watercolor I did a few years ago. I used the same life drawing pose as a reference, but changed the colors and other parts of the composition.

Here is the earlier version, which one of my artist friends now owns: 

"The Key to the Booty" 3.5 x 2.5 inches ACEO, SOLD.

Although many artists reinterpret past works, and I have done a lot of reinterpretation in sculpture, this is something I never did much before with paintings. It's a lot of fun. Changing the size and/or proportions, plus changing the color, makes for a whole new view.

Note on signature: I changed it from script to block printing, for easier legibility. You can see the older version in the watercolor. I still sign with only my first name.

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Margo said...

Theresa these are both beautiful, pirate mermaids, what's not to like.