Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Humpty in Love

"Humpty in Love" Acrylic on 6x6 stretched canvas. Genre: fantasy. This is a reinterpretation of an old watercolor I did a few years ago (below). Humpty is in love with the Red Queen, who doesn't know he exists. It's a good thing because she'd probably regard him as a pushover. In the lefthand corner, Tweddle Dee left some snarky graffiti about Alice.


"Humpty in Love" ink and watercolor on paper, probably 4x4 inches, Sold.


Coreopsis said...

It's really interesting the differences between the two. I really like them. The oil painting is a whole lot "softer", but they are both lovely.

k.h.whitaker said...

What a great Humpty Dumpty illustration. Love it :)

Hannah Tuohy said...

Beautiful work!

josh pincus is crying said...