Monday, July 13, 2009

Finished Birdie portrait (dog, roses, pet)

"Birdie with Roses" pet portrait, 9x12 oil on canvas. The roses were pretty tough to paint, harder than painting the dog! But I felt all right about them.
I'm taking commissions for pet portraits. Email me if you're interested.


About Bobbi... said...

That dog is so sweet! I think you've captured the essence of "dogginess"! LOL


Theresa Bayer said...

Thanks Bobbi, that's most appreciated!

Coreopsis said...

Wow--what a great dog painting. It seems like most "pet portraits" are stiff, and look like they were painted from photographs, but this one is very "alive"--the whole thing is, both the dog and the background, and so beautifullly unified.

Theresa Bayer said...

Thanks, that's about the best compliment I could wish for!

José said...

Hi Theresa,

I like the sensation of light that you've depicted, not only upon the dog but all over the painting.
The choice of colours was also very wise, contributing to a unified work.

Best regards,


Theresa Bayer said...

Thanks José! I used some cad orange throughout on the dog, in the flowers, and mixed into the foliage. And, my niece just finished painting their walls a light, springy green, and wouldn't you know it, the colors in the painting work perfectly with it. I couldn't have done that if I had tried to.