Thursday, August 18, 2016

Sea Shanty

"Sea Shanty"
Size: 24x30
Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Genre: Fantasy

Rapunzel underwater
sang as mermaids do.
A shining seahorse drew her 
from her shanty of a tower,
and when the pair took flight,
morphed into a stately knight,
because she asked him to.

This one combines a trip to the Terlingua Ghost Town with of my love of underwater scenes. Terlingua is in the Big Bend area of Texas, and parts of that desert landscape were once under sea many eons ago. The Ghost Town has many fascinating adobe houses in various states of decomposition-- one of which particularly caught my eye and ended up in this painting. Also shown are the desert mountains in the background. The dark areas in this painting will form a vague shape similar to the state of Texas if you squint your eyes and use your imagination.

What do desert and ocean have in common? Perhaps it is that they are teeming with life forms not usually seen unless you go looking for them, and that there is a sense of vast expanse experienced in both environments.

I started this painting back in 2014 and only now came back to finish it-- life had intervened; there was caregiving for a beloved family member, the Hospice time, and the aftermath of tying up all the loose ends that people leave behind. 

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