Monday, March 10, 2014

"The Moon Underwater"

"The Moon Underwater"

Size: 10 x 10 inches
Medium: Acrylic on Raymar panel

The Moon and the fish are definitely having a conversation. The Fish is feeling insecure, and has asked the Moon for advice. Some of the advice, the fish is willing to take and agrees with, but he's unsure about the remainder of it.

About my use of color:

People ask me about my color sense. It's intuitive. Also I use a limited pallette. Very, very limited. For example the Moon Underwater piece so far has only 3 colors: thalo blue (red shade), burnt sienna, and cadmium red light. With such a limited palette, it's easier to tune in to my intuition. I can feel it more distinctly. For example, I may get a definite urge to introduce another specific color. Since there aren't very many colors there already, a fourth color isn't going to cause too much disharmony. However, if there is too much color disharmony, I get a definite feeling of discomfort. I don't know if that helps anyone. I think that intuition is a wonderful tool for artists.

The palette for the above painting is: burnt sienna, cad red light, thalo blue (reddish) and a touch of cadmium orange, along with some black and some white. 

I'm pretty comfortable with color but when it comes to values I feel that is my weakest area, and I need to keep plugging away at it.

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Katherine Thomas said...

Your approach to color is very much like my own. I've just recently concluded that I need to limit my palette considerably, in order to create what I consider to be effective artwork. I like what you said about color choice being intuitive, also. When I look at somebody's work, each artist has their own signature colors, shapes, lines, and values that they use consistently. That has to be your ver own, or it doesn't come across effectively. Your work is gorgeous because you are a skilled artist, and you put yourself into every aspect of your creations!