Sunday, September 16, 2012

Treasure Map: WIP 2

"Treasure Map" Size: 10x8. Medium: Acrylic on canvas. Genre: fantasy.

It's in the tricky middle stage now. Color harmony can easily be lost. I'm trying to stick to my original plan of values, which will help a lot. The yellow on the map is too bright, and should be greyed a bit, while kept to a mid value. Her hat will have to be defined better.

About the face, I ended up making a few very very subtle changes, as the left eye was a little too large. I didn't do much to it. "These things must be done delicately," as the Witch said.

The butterfly will have some color glazed into it, but will be kept at a light value. The tree trunks in the background are too evenly spaced and will have to be made irregular.

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Anonymous said...

Really nice progression! Love the airy atmosphere .