Friday, June 24, 2011

Dragon Stack WIP #3

I know this looks like I'm going backwards, but really it's progress. After completing the underpainting, I covered the painting with several layers of a translucent white glaze called a velatura. Zinc white is best to use. The velatura diminishes contrast, lightens up the whole painting, and brings the darks down to mid tones, so that when you glaze over them, the colors will still show.

Then the fun began! The yellow glaze is transparent yellow oxide. There is a very faint red glaze over the clock tower. Also the dragon's eye and nostril have been touched up to darken again. 

I want the sky to be orange as before, but to be a transparent, glowing, orange. The dragon will be turquoise, as before.

The underpainting is in pthalo blue and titanium white. The glaze colors are transparent yellow oxide, cadmium red medium, pthalo blue, and titanium white.

Click on the image to see it enlarged. Acrylic on 12x16 canvas.

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