Saturday, April 23, 2011

Joker's Preference

I spread an ancient deck of cards--

spotted, greasy, worn.

When dealing out, they stick,

because the edges ruffle

and the six of spades is torn.

I could replace them with a brand new deck

that cleanly glides from fingertip to table,

every card so neat and quick

pristine from ace to deuce,

far easier to shuffle

than these persnickity old frumps.

Maybe with such newness I’d be able

to prevail at solitaire.

But no, they suit me, these old stubs,

and besides, that diamond jack

has got me in his stare.

Every king an upstart,

and that pesky ace of clubs

sports a major flyspeck.

The rest are double dealing hacks.

Nonetheless they’ve trumped my heart---

and will always play me fair.

Theresa Bayer © 2011
I love to play real life free cell, and have a beat up old deck of cards to prove it. The only card in the deck that isn't all worn out is the joker, because that card isn't used in free cell.


Rick OzTown said...

May the dealer and the player be equally blessed. We're all cards in somebody's deck.

Margo said...

Great poem T. I've been missing your voice at our painting group, so it's nice to hear it today.

Cristina said...

Great blog Theresa.
Thanks to your comment I discover this jewel!
Love whimsy everything.