Saturday, October 09, 2010

Halloween Ghosts Redux Acrylic Painting

"Ectoplasmic Tangle" 5x7 Acrylics on 5x7 stretched canvas
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Two ghosts communicating, which is done with their ectoplasmic hair. In case you ever wondered. As witnessed by 3 cats and a pumpkin.

This is an acrylic version of an aceo I did in 2008. 5x7 is the same proportions as an aceo so basically it's the same format, twice as large as the first version. I like the idea of new versions however next time I do it I will change the format. There are some things I like better about the earlier one; and some things I like better about this one. But changing the format is a good idea because I found myself too dependent on the old composition; kept fighting off the desire to reproduce it. However, it's still a good little painting, IMO.

The sides are painted and it doesn't need framing, just a wire and the back. So it's ready to hang.

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