Friday, October 01, 2010

Bird Absurd Fun Art Original Painting

"Bird Absurd" 6x6 original painting, acrylics on 6x6 Everlast panelThe cat is thinking, "O Bird, you are absurd, and yet I might just take a bite."

When I switched from from using outlines to using solid form, I found it challenging to retain a sense of whimsical expression in my Fun Art. This one is successful in that respect, I think. This painting has lots of glazes, and is very luminous, which contrasts nicely with its whimsical flavor.

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Coreopsis said...

Marvelous whimsy, indeed! I really like the expressions on their faces. It does seem more what you'd expect from an "outline" drawing, but I think the whole thing works beautifully. I really like what you do with colors (the blue in the bird's legs with the blue of the sky and worked into the grass and cat and everywhere).