Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Twilight Bunny (on eBay)

"Twilight Bunny" ACEO 3.5 x 2.5 inches, acrylics on illustration board. Just a little bunny rabbit in the moonlit twilight. I am very happy with the composition and colors on this one. Make a bid!

BTW I pledged to myself to blog at least 5 times a week from now on. I will try and make the content valuable in one way or another.

Valuable content for today: Happiness is a skill. That's right, it's a skill, it's not things that we acquire, or people loving us or anything like that, although those things are wonderful. Happiness an attitude and anyone can learn it. I practice by relaxing and letting go, ie., "let go and let God." I've dropped my cynicism. I act silly. When I get upset, I change my point of view and look things as a challenge or adventure, instead of as a misery. I give people the benefit of the doubt. I don't try and change anyone's thinking, as my own thinking is enough to handle (so if I haven't convinced you, it's ok with me, you're fine just the way you are).

OK that is all.

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Lee said...

Precious little bunny and wonderful attitude! YAY Theresa! I love both :D