Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Man Apple Loch Key: Tiny oil painting

Here's a very tiny oil painting I completed recently: "Man, Apple, Loch and Key." Got ahold of some carpentry wood scraps recently, and have been having fun with them. The first image shows the actual size of the painting. The coin is an American penny.
It was too small to sign so I put my initials, TB on his shirt. You can barely see the signature initials in the image, above, in the lower right corner.


Laura Grimes said...

That is so cool! I am very impressed with your small works.

Art By Erika said...

Wow I love this piece! A lot of story in a small package! Where do you sell your miniatures?

Kathy Jurek said...

Hi Theresa!
Thanks for commenting on my blog. You do nice things with oil paint. ;)

Theresa Bayer said...

Thanks everyone for your comments. Erika, sometime this year I want to start selling oil paintings. I keep you posted!

Lee said...

Super and so tiny! I so enjoy seeing your work ;)

Sonica said...

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