Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Jester with an Egg

Acrylic, 8 x 10 on canvas. Don't have a name for it yet (any suggestions?). It's a jester, walking through a cave, holding an egg. This one also has cutouts on it (like the previous one) and that's the LAST time I ever glue on a cutout piece of canvas. Too hard to finesse the edges!

This one is glazes over an underpainting. Love painting that way; the more I do it the easier it gets. Helps a lot with values (although I am a Libra I appreciate values and value them highly).

Trying like crazy to keep up with blogging after a schedule change. Also I don't paint fast enough (yet) to post more often, so I'll have to throw in a WIP or two from now on. Thanks for tuning in to this blog.


simoart said...

You have a great painting, I love it and it reminds me the war between two kingdoms because they passed different laws on how to brake the eggs. My son's love your jester.

Rick OzTown said...

Don't have a name for it yet (any suggestions?).

1. Jest an egg
2. The thief
3. The bird'un is mine
4. I know not what I do
5. It's only an egg
6. That's one bad hat, Harry
7. I wear my heart on my sleeve
8. The eggstracted shell
9. Here, your high nest

Loredana said...

Theresa, each paint you made is better than the one before, but also I can't say which I like most... maybe ALL! ;)

This is SUPER!

Theresa Bayer said...

Thanks everyone! Simoart, I appreciate the kind words. Rick your title suggestions crack me up!

Oops Lore, you tagged me & I clean forgot about it! That's how busy I've been lately...
Hope everyone will visit Lore's blog, because she's gonna be famous someday!

Well that takes care of the link part of it. I'm supposed to give out little known personal trivia too... Did you know I can twirl my eyeballs around real fast?

Waverly said...

I love the painting. Owls make it very dusty and dreamy. I was wondering though, is that my hand with the egg?

-Miss Waverly

Erika Nelson said...

Wow so mysterious I just love it, I also love those title suggestions from Rick lol Again,always good soul food here Theresa!

Theresa Bayer said...

Hi Waverly! Thanks for stopping by. Yes, it is your hand on the egg. I still need to finish that painting of you, but I'm glad I let it sit, because I'm learning how to glaze.

Erika, thanks for your comments!

Luisa said...

complimenti veramente molto bello.ciao luisa

Theresa Bayer said...

Mille grazie!