Friday, November 28, 2008

Dragon of 7 stars -- old line

This is one of my older pieces. Since I'm in a research/development mode to learn composition I thought I'd take a second look at some of my work from the past and see how it fits in with what I've learned so far. My emphasis used to be on line, and now it is on pattern of values. This has been hard to shift over to, but learning how to employ values is--what can I say but--valuable!

I notice that this piece doesn't have well defined middle values, although I did put the focus on the dragon by virtue of the black around it. My original point of focus was the dragon's eye, and I don't think I accomplished that.

In Charles Reid's "Painting What You Want to See" he mentions getting out one of your old paintings--something that looks confused or muddy or too many values-- and simplifying or re-arranging the values on it to make it stronger. At first I though he meant working on the same painting, which would be very difficult in watercolor, but now I realize he means to just use the same basic composition and improve it. Make a 2nd or 3rd one. So I think I'll do that with this one...stay tuned.

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